Famous Foods Of Karnataka

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Karnataka’s cuisine includes a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that reflect influences from the neighboring regions and communities. It is characterized by distinct textures, flavours and taste.  The state’s vast culinary repertoire encompasses the earthy and unique flavours of North Karnataka, traditional feast of South Karnataka, spicy dishes of the coastal region (Mangalore) and Kodava cuisines. The other main parts of Karnataka’s cuisines are Udipi, Malnadu, Kodagu, Mangalorean and Navayath cuisines. Karnataka is a wonderful state traditional & rich culinary heritage. Regional food habits broadly differ depending on locally available ingredients; the result is a richly varied spread.

Bisi Bele Bath


Bisi bele bath is a traditional South Indian dish from Karnataka cuisine. Bisi Bele Bath(BBB) translates to Bisi = hot, Bele = lentils/dal, Bath = rice mixed with veggies.BBB is very popular in South India, Karnataka. It’s a healthy rice recipe with goodness of lentils and vegetables in it.

Neer Dosa


Neer Dosa is at another variety of dosa from the karnataka cusine.The word neer translates to water in Tulu language, which means water dosa. Usually neer dosa is served with coconut chutney, sambar, saagu and non vegetarian curries like chicken, mutton, fish and egg curry. 

Ragi Mudde

RAGI_MUDDERagi Mudde is a staple in some parts of karnataka and Andhra. Ragi flour is cooked to make balls called mudde and is usually served with leafy green cooked with dal.Ragi Medde is served with a simple chicken curry. 



Chitranna is one of the tastiest south Indian vegetarian rice dishes. No wonder, its recipe has existed since decades, despite the arrival of many new rice recipes. It is easy to make this rice item. Indian lemon rice is another of the names of chitranna. If you want to take a simple breakfast or light evening food, then you should go for it.

Vangi Bath


Vangi Bath is a unique tasting brinjal rice recipe from karnataka cusine. It is popular in south india like tawa pulao in mumbai. It is easy to make as easy as even bachelors can make it. It barely takes 10 to 15 minutes if you have the white rice cooked already. Brinjals is cooked to soft and then seasoned with spice powder or vangi Bath powder.

Set Dosa


Set Dosa is a popular type of dosa from the cuisine of Karnataka which is cooked only on one side and is served in a set of two to three, hence the name. It is said that Set dosa was a name coined by restaurateurs long ago in Karnataka when dosas were served more than one per plate.

Masala dosa


Masala Dosa - one of the most popular south indian braekfast. It is made from rice, lentils, potato, methi, and curry leaves, and served with chutneys and sambar. Though it was only popular in South India, it can be found in all other parts of the country and overseas.In South India, preparation of masala dosa varies from city to city.

Mysore Pak


The sweet that originated in the royal kitchen of Mysore Palace made with chickpea flour and sugar and ghee. It can be prepared for any special occasion or festival.

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