Babiya the guardian crocodile of  Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala | Babiya The Vegetarian Crocodile

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India is all about amazing stories!Apart from historical monuments which makes a place interesting, there are many other miraculous stories which makes India a truly incredible country.Once such story is of Babiya, a crocodile who guards the famous Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala.


There is an interesting local legend that narrates the entire story behind the guardian crocodile. Once Sree Vilvamangalathu Swami, devotee of Lord Vishnu, was doing penance for his favourite lord. While he was in his prayers, Lord Krishna in the form of a little boy appeared and started disturbing him. Being annoyed by the behaviour of this child, the saint pushed Lord Krishna aside with his left hand. The boy immediately disappeared into a nearby cave and the truth dawned on the saint. The crevice into which Krishna is said to have disappeared is still there. The crocodile guards the entrance and the shrine.

In 1945, when the British soldiers were stationed there, one soldier shot dead the crocodile. To the surprise of everyone the soldier died within few days by a snake-bite. People believe it to be a revenge by the serpent god Anantha. Soon another crocodile appeared in the tank and even now if one is fortunate one can see it. The legend goes that there is only one crocodile in the lake at a time. When one crocodile dies, another one appears in the lake. The devotees pay great respect to this crocodile.

It is also said that if you’re fortunate, only then you can spot Babiya swimming in the lake water! Indeed an intriguing temple, right?

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