Meet Yuvraj Super Bull of Haryana from India | SUPER BULL worth 10 Crore

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Meet Yuvraj Super Bull of Haryana from India. He is not an ordinary bull.Yuvraj weighs 1,500 kg and is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. He has been National level Champion 24 times for his vital statistics. He drinks 20 litres of milk a day, gobbles 5kg of apples and 15kg of very fine quality cattle feed," says Karamvir. "He also takes a 4km-walk daily. I spend more than Rs 25,000 on his upkeep. A farmer from Chandigarh did offer me more than Rs 7 crore, but I don't think I am ready to sell Yuvraj.


Yuvraj is a perfect specimen of the Murrah breed. It generates 3.5 to 5 ml of very high quality semen everyday which is diluted to increase the volume to 35ml. Now, 0.25ml, which is one dose of semen used for artificially inseminating Murrah buffaloes, costs close to Rs 1,500. So, ideally in a single day, a dairy farmer can earn roughly about Rs 2,10,000. And since Yuvraj's mother was a high yield buffalo, said to be producing close to 25 litres of milk a day, Yuvraj's semen is in great demand in almost all the northern states. I am not surprised at the offers being made." Yuvraj produces around 45,000 doses every year. He has so far fathered more than 200,000 calves, his owner says.

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